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Stupid Politicians & White After Labour Day

Stupid Politicians & White After Labour Day


Aly the Human

-Before I actually start my rant, a side note about the ‘no white after Labour Day rule’. I was thinking about this because the Legally Blonde musical has been stuck in my head for two weeks now and at one point Elle mentions it. Then I realised I actually have no idea where this strange rule came from and I googled it. Basically, after the American Civil War, rich women found that more people were getting rich and wanted to separate the young money from the snobby old money. So they created many ridiculous fashion rules to tell them apart, one of which was this rule. Somehow from a couple hundred of them, it trickled down to everyone. Those snobby ladies would be horrified. Upon further reflection I have realised the PAP don’t follow this rule! Haha-

Okay, so for real. Recently the HPB updated their FAQ page to include…

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Okay basically satanism has been brought to my recent attention because Satanists in america are fighting to erect the world’s first “satanic” monument outside the Oklahoma Capitol Building. This sudden attempt by the Satanists was brought about when Christians erected a religious monument of the Ten Commandments outside the Capitol Building.

Information is here:

Now, I totally agree that the Satanists should be allowed to erect their monument. Why? You can’t just give allow the Christians to preach about their message in the public and not allow any other religion to do so. America is a secular nation. You can choose whatever religion you want and no one religion is held in higher regard than the others.

I don’t believe they should’ve even allowed the erection of the Christian Monument at the capitol building in the first place because the Capitol Building is a symbol of the Government and no “religious” symbols should be attached to the notion of “governance”. A public park, maybe, but no government buildings.

Anyway, I was interested in this topic of satanists so I searched it up to find if there were any local organisations with info. I found out that there are two branches of Satanism, Atheistic and Theistic. Atheistic Satanists believe that god and satan both don’t exist and satan is just a representation of all our inner human desires that are usually looked on by Christians as the “Seven Deadly Sins”. Christianity shuns these values but Atheistic Satanists believe that its not wrong to bend towards these pleasures as long as you don’t harm anyone.

Theistic Satanists however, are the ones that actually pray to Satan and believe that “he” is almighty and better than the true Christian God. They are the ones who do the “masses” and “witchcraft” which I find somewhat ridiculous but you know what it’s their religion let them do what they want.

Forget all you’ve heard about Satanists being bad. Like, you pray to Satan, so what? As long as you’re not killing cats for black masses I think it’s perfectly fine. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, or trying to kill a Christian, it’s perfectly fine as well. And no, Theistic Satanists don’t necessarily do all these either, most of these people you hear about are the crazies (which every religion has its fair share of).

Thankfully, Singapore is a secular nation and allows these people to do what they want concerning their religious preferences. And thank god we don’t have as much of those scary religious fundamentalists who believe that Evolution was a lie and that Earth was created 2000 years ago.

Idk why I even wrote this guess I’m just super grateful that we live in a somewhat religiously tolerant society.

Horrible vampire dream

Hi everyone

I’m writing this down because this dream was very very crazy and wacky but somehow had some “noir” ish beauty to it?!! Whatever I was so scared in this dream so I’m just gonna write everything down before I forget it.

And despite anything, the violence in this dream was super un-graphic there was literally no blood or people in pain.

Basically, we were all vampires in this dream and we were all playing some twisted hunger games shit in it. The thing is, that you could opt out of the game if you wanted too (I tried to get everyone to opt out with me BUT NO ONE WANTED TO). Note: all of my friends were in this dream like seriously nearly everyone who I was close to. And it took place in a village that was within some humongous building (the village was the building) that looks similar to my school.

I remember being sorted by our hair colours into different groups (?) and I was grouped with Farah (weird). And then Joho and Shirin and Natasha Koh were like in one group?!! And they all had a plan to hide from the vampires by going to some vantage point or something like that.

So the games started and everyone was sitting down in group circles “planning” using paper and mind maps. Honestly i don’t get why everyone didn’t just start killing each other there and that but what to do this was a dream.

But alas,my alliance with Farah Jacqueline Rozario was broken (idk we just kinda walked off) and I had to find a place to hide so I walked into a classroom where a class was taking place and my primary school friend Athishtha was the teacher. I hid under the table but Jayne (an old version of her) who was a student told me that this is a favourite spot for the vampires cause all the kids would be studying AND THE VAMPIRES WOULD COME IN AND KILL EVERYONE. Looking back I have no idea why the hell she would spare me because I was supposed to be a vampire too?!!! Whatever.

Anyway there was this scene in my head that was the most screwed up regarded scene ever. Basically me and Joho were walking and we suddenly saw two vampire sluts (don’t ask). It wasn’t implicitly said that they were prostitutes but me and Joho killed one of them anyway?!! I held her down and dislocated her neck and Joho DRANK HER BLOOD. Looking back again it doesn’t make sense because she could still talk while her neck was dislocated and all I did was push it to the side like with damn little force. Idk. So basically yes we killed the vampire slut while her friend looked on and warned us like “she’s not dead” or something like that. Anyway we bolted out of the door (this took place in some part
Of the building) and we went to hide in a Giant Supermarket. And yes, by “giant” I meant the Giant Supermarket store.

Anyway a lot of other stuff happened and I remember that I hid in a cupboard and I was so damn scared.

Thank god I woke up !!!!!

I think I get this from watching Mr Vampire (the 80s Hong Kong movie) last week and watching the trailer for Rigor Mortis (which I really wanna watch) so yea.


From Black & White to Colour…

❤ omg i love dou fu jie and growing up and the little nyonya ❤

Remember Singapore

Just like radio, television broadcasting has come a long way in Singapore. There were plans to develop it as early as 1956, but they did not materialised until six years later.

It officially began in 1963 when Television Singapura was set up to offer an English-Malay Channel 5 and a Mandarin-Tamil Channel 8. A year later, advertisements were first telecast between programs as one of the alternate income sources for the subsidised station.

In 1965, the year of Singapore’s independence, the television station was able to screen the most defining moment of our nation as Malaysian Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman announced the separation of Singapore and Malaysia.

Thousands in Singapore cramped into various community centres to watch former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew on the national TV as he famously said with tears, “For me, it is a moment of anguish. All my life, my whole adult life…

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Today I went for day 1 training for model UN. its super fun and all, learning alot.

idk why, but today i was just thinking about how lucky i am. like maybe its because i saw the starving kids or something but i feel like my life is going somewhere (?) okay not gonna get a career in the UN or anything but idk i suddenly feel like everything ive done has some sort of cumulative purpose in some way. IN SOME WAY. and okay i must admit there are times i feel like im retarded/stupid/my life is sucky but then i suddenly remembered that i am very lucky and the fact that im not gonna give a damn about stuff that pisses me off.

anyway, im just gonna ride on this wave of sudden inspiration and randomly celebrate everything i’ve done in my life


ANYWAY i’m just gonna post a bunch of super cheena inspirational songs that make me super hyped and makes me so determined to do super well and SMASH MY ENEMIES

thaty was so informal but whatever


i heard this next one on a video my friend made its so infectious but catchy

i actually understood a bit of those lines, it was like I WILL NOT CRY THERE IS NO TIME TO REGRET (haha i know sounds super cheena right)

i hope that made you feel super uplifted. bye bye

the fountainhead


basically you can not read this if you want to. because its full of my personal opinions. im not even gonna bother structuring it properly as a good blog review post thingy so dont expect too much.

anyway, i used the 30 dollar kino voucher i got from a school competition thingy to buy a boxset of ayn rand novels. if youve heard of her, good, shes super prominent in 20th century literature. and she also created a philosophy called “objectivism” so her books are kind of a way to “preach” her philosophy. so, the boxset i got contained two of her most famous novels “The Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged”. Everyone says “Atlast Shrugged” was her magnum opus but everyone said start with “the fountainhead” first, so i started with that.

im actually super proud that i finished a 695 page novel in four days (trying not to boast) (ive had alot of time anyway). i actually found it pretty good as a book itself, its characters were pretty well thought out and there was a good story structure. which is why it shouldve STAYED as a book instead of her preaching her philosophy. if you dont know, her philosophy promotes individualism and communism, in a weird way (not gonna try to explain it its quite complicated i took some time to finally get it) and denounces collectivism and all that stuff cause apparently she hates communists and socialists. SO YEA, i got super irritated at her long writings about their retarded philosophies, and it wouldve been better if the editor just cut that shit out of the book. the story couldve been told in 300/400 pages.

having said that however, writing a book wasnt really her “goal” as much as “promoting her philosophy” so i understand why she did it. so yea, overall i liked the book, and her as a writer. AS A WRITER, not as a philosopher because her entire philosophy, to me, is super egoistical, freaking arrogant and totally ignores the idea that people need to learn how to adapt and work together. id actually label her a fascist and a super capitalist if it weren’t for the fact that she is a pretty good writer.

Oh, i ordered a ton of books and alot of them arrived already. looking forward to reading perfume, my japanese shit and HP Lovecraft. i will attempt reading Atlas Shrugged maybe like, next year, or when I feel that its time to undertake such massive writing. by massive, i mean, the book is 1000 pages long with small font massive. i hope it wont be dissappointing.