2013 Books And Movies List

Subject to change. If anyone has any of these titles, lending them to me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Raging Bull
Evil Dead Remake
The Grandmaster (The new Wong Kar Wai one)
Mission Impossible Series (Shocking, yes. I’ve never watched one)
12 Angry Men


Looking For Alaska
Full Dark, No Stars
Dance, Dance, Dance
The Good Earth
Have A Little Faith

All the books to read. All the movies to watch. Not alot of time to do so 😦


2 thoughts on “2013 Books And Movies List

  1. I am not sure if I should encourage you to watch American History X. It’s really for the mature audience. You seem mature enough though. I hope you catch it one day. It’s one of the most powerful films I have ever seen. I probably have it and Apocalypse Now (you, war film buff?) stashed somewhere….

    Full Dark No Stars Stephen King ma man! I have it. I can lend it to you next week (if you’re on for TA) or T3 then.

    • Hahahahahs thanks mr ng! i’ll borrow it in T3! hmmn okay will take your advice. alot of other movie i want to watch anyway, perhaps one day when im older.
      btw not so much a war movie buff but i find the well-made films within that genre have a greater impact on the viewer as compared to other genres (i.e thrillers)

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