New Blog!


Ah, it’s been really really long since I’ve had a blog. So, after some deliberation, I’ve decided to get into this whole habit of blogging again! Hooray:D !!!!!!!


You all don’t understand how extremely awkward starting a new blog was for me since I really didn’t know who would actually read it and care about, like, you know, my dog and stuff. Also, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged so my writing is a bit jialat. And, as a product of not blogging for over 1.5-2 years, I have forgotten all my blogging 101’s. You can clearly see this from the way my blog is currently designed (crappily) and also how weird this entire post sounds.

So, if I’m facing all these problems, then why am I doing a blog again?

To be honest, my life at the moment is getting pretty unpredictable. Lots of things in the works at the moment! There are going to be a LOT of changes and this is the year before our pre IBDP, so it’s my last year of fun. On top of that, hormones and “maturity” are kicking in so I’m probably over-complicating the shit out of everything. So, I think that I’m in need of a blog because I need a healthier outlet to express my opinions/thoughts. And since I’m probably gonna write long posts like these, I need a platform like blogs to express myself as much as I want (screw Twitter and their 140 character limit).

Also, I’m going into the mid-late years of my teens and I’m seriously afraid of messing my life up. Who knows, I could go to sleep one day and wake up preggo before I’m 20. And that is just one of the bad things that can happen! So I really want this blog to also serve as some sort of “self-reflection” for myself. Alot of people say that your teenage years are the best and the worst of your life, so I’m really trying not to waste them.

Anyway, thanks for having the patience to read through that entire article. Will continue posting. Gum xia.


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