Why I Wanna Get Better At Chinese


Just very recently, I’ve realised the beauty of Mandarin.

Your either saying “I love chinese <3” or “asdfghjlqwertyuioxcvbnmWHATTHE”. Singapore is one of the places in the world where they really place an emphasis on bilingualism and I think its with good reason too. Problem with Mandarin, is that it is a really hard language to get your head around.

There are thousands of chinese characters you have to memorise. And its a tonal language. Take for example the word “grass” (pronounced cao). If you say it in the proper tone, it basically remains as grass. BUT. Say it in a DIFFERENT tone to someone and I guarantee that someone is gonna kick your ass.

Also, even LKY (god) says its hard. You really need constant practice. So, if you’re from a family who doesn’t speak it, your gonna have a hard time practicing it and getting good. This is probably why lots of kids struggle with it (personal ongoing experience). They don’t practice. And by the time their in secondary schools, they realise they are super screwed. Like how I feel when I can’t explain stuff in chinese and end up using some weird vocabs (complimentary of google translate). I can seriously imagine my chinese teacher like squinting at it…trying to understand what it is before shaking her head and crossing the entire thing out (I have tons of those).

Well, after many years of hating the language like mad, I suddenly really wanna get good at it. Call it guilt, disappointment or embarrassment, I suddenly really wanna get good at it!

Why? I now present you the reasons

1) It’s pretty useful

I recently went to Shanghai last year. Getting around in a taxi was seriously sucky and we got lost somewhere in the French Concession. My mum never learnt how to speak chinese so she was just kinda like mumbling and saying the word “bu yao” and “qu”. It was pretty funny until she told me to do it. Hey, my chinese is broken but at least I can say stop and go.

But anyway, I mean, its really useful. Who knows, with all the stuff happening in the world Singapore may one day be a colony of China! (Unless it is already).

2) I’ve learnt it for so long and I’m still bad

I’m pretty ashamed about this one. It also has this “linkage” to my whole roots thingy and stuff but basically I’ve been learning it for years but I’m still bad at it. That’s pretty discouraging… 😦

3) MandoPop

  Yes, me and my sister plan to break into the Taiwan music scene with our MandoPop act.

   Future Mandopop Hit (Written By Me)
(Lyrics are still in progress but I think I’m getting somewhere)

4) Everything sounds better in chinese 

Damn, everything sounds so much BETTER when expressed in chinese. Not joking! Watch some of the movies and you’ll understand. Its like the only language where you can say he was scolded so badly it was like pouring dogs blood over his head. Its sounds retarded in english but so poetic in chinese.

Plus, the swears are pretty interesting. There’s even an entire wikipedia article on it. THIS IS FOR EDUCATION.

Anyway, ultimately, I’ve just resolved to get better. This is my last year to get it right and I really want a 45 for my IB and I can’t do that if my chinese is still at P3 level.

So to round off my post, I’ve kindly inserted a picture of Wang Lee Hom cause he’s like, a super duper megan foxy freaking hot CHINESE GUY omg hahahahahahaas. Another reason to learn chinese.



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