You’ve heard that song before

This is just something that came to my mind today.

Today, I was just hanging at the back of my class playing the guitar and chilling and pretending to be Ed Sheeran. I was just playing a bunch of different songs when suddenly a tune popped into my head and I just started playing it. And the very memory of this song was just so powerful for me that I played it repeatedly for like 20 minutes straight (I repeated the same verse 5 times).

Damn, it’s just such a beautiful song. The lyrics are so poetic and the melody and whatever that goes into music is just so uplifting and makes me really happy. If you’ve really haven’t heard this song, you’ve probably never watched Shrek or any music reality contest show cause people sing this song ALL the time.

That’s when I started to think.

I just realised: there’s always this song that we “know” yet we don’t know. It’s like that song you’ve heard somewhere but you just remember a bit of. Makes sense? Not really actually you have to feel it for yourself. Hallelujah is something like one of these songs. Maybe it’s cause its been sang a million times (it is a really good song) or you’ve heard on the radio or something.

Trust me, 200+ people have done a cover of this song. I.e Carly Rose, The Dude Who’s Playing It Above, A Bunch Of Other Soundtrack Artists, Two Other People From The X Factor, One other guy who auditioned for the X Factor + many others! So you’ve probably heard it somewhere.

Anyway, theres not much else I can say about this because I think im sounding so retarded.


Lemme give you a final example. They LOOVVVEE playing this on the radio and at weddings. It actually isn’t that great of a song… but if a guy ever sang this to me I’d marry him immediately



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