My Awesome Rockstar Slide! and Other Matters


So, today was a pretty good day as far as I’m concerned. I’m currently at home in my pj’s just chilling and enjoying the pimple curing qualities of a face mask. And, my knee hurts like mad.

Why? Well, knowing my schools unpredictable nature (unpredictable = we could change our classroom placing like, tomorrow, for no reason) we’ve had to do crazy scheduling for theatre. So our Theatre Theory Class consisted today of doing nothing but playing knee boxing. It was so freaking fun! It’s like hunger games but instead of killing them you hit their knees. It gets crazy cause you’re just running around the classroom like mad and someone is always shouting “OH SHIT!!!!!!”. Glad to say me and a few other friends allianced up hunger games style and literally started whacking everyone. AND WE WERE WINNING. We nearly won the first round but it got boring cause me and my friend were too afraid to whack the final girl and stuff got boring so we restarted a new game.

However, the second game was where I lost my knee-ginity. There was a girl sitting down trying to “hide” so I decided to kill her (of course). An awesome combination of timing and attack caused me to slip and slide on my knees rockstar style. Kinda like this.

That was me. Minus the awesomeness

Sadly I was not wearing pants and nor was the floor slippery… And whaddya know? My cool slide turned into a death meat grinder and my skin literally scraped off! And due to the nature of the game she whacked my knee it to kill me, thus hitting my torn off skin patch thingy in the process. It was pretty painful for a while but oh well, if the British POWs can survive malnutrition and whip lashing I don’t see why I can’t survive my skin being “fritcioned” off.

Anyway, no grudges to the girl for hitting me. It’s actually my fault for going on her kamikaze style (except that in Kamikaze you die, they die. But this time only I died). SO, I guess I just have to blame the goddamn non- soft, skin tearing friction-ful floor.

Okay yea that was my awesome story of the day.

Oh yea, they announced the Valentine’s Day secret card letter sender thingy. SADLY, no one will be sending me one T.T I’m pretty damn sure one of my friends will send one to me just to PLAY WITH MY EMOTIONS!!!!!!!!

But yea, I’ve already got a Valentine!! Hahas surprised?!!! I know. He’s a qqqqqqqt.

I freaking wish….

But oh well thats that. So if you’re around my age, hot and sexy as that guy ^^ and you enjoy watching Hong Kong films, NCIS, South Park and The Simpsons I’M YOUR GIRLLLLLLLL.


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