Kuala Lumpur


Okay so for CNY, I’m in Kuala Lumpur and I’m staying at the nice hotel (can’t say where in fear of pedos). The good news is that because I’m mixed, I get the best of both worlds! Red angbao at start of the year, and then end of the year green ang bao. The only catch is that every year I have to go up to KL to get my hongbao, since my chinese side of the family lives there.

I just had wonderful lo hei and a nice reunion dinner. I will probably gain 5 million KG once I get back home. But in spite of it all, CNY is going great!

So, I now present to you the upsides of CNY in Malaysia!

1) Stuff here is cheaper than in Singapore

No denying it. I guess that the more land a country has, the cheaper the things. Why? Because when there’s less land, rent will be higher. And when you’ve got high rent, you’ve got to mark up the prices of the stuff to sell to include your rent. That’s probably why Singapore is so freaking expensive compared to here.

Seriously, I’ve just had a wonderful latte and a jaffa cake in a chocolate cake form for peanuts (http://www.artisanroast.com.my/). No, I’m not advertising!

Also, why do you think SIngaporeans come to JB for the weekend? I know a particularly KC person in my family who goes to JB to buy groceries and get oil. And I’ve once taken a public transport bus to JB just so I could go shopping for a day.

If you didn’t know this, you just need passport, ezlink card and a few RM to go for a day.  think the bus to get there is like somewhere near the causeway! And I’m slurping on the Malaysian equivalent of KOI which is called Chatime (like, tea in chinese + time) and it is cheaper than KOI.

2) Sunway Pyramid!!!!!!!!!!!

OKAY, I’m a sucker for water parks.

3) Doing stuff that makes you feel badass


I wish I could light my own fireworks in Singapore man but if you do that you’d be fined for 20 thousand million dollars. Yes, they ban sparklers too (alot of people still don’t care though).

4) Meeting the family 

This is the most important to me. Meeting my family, my only immediate cousins and stuff. I don’t have any immediate cousins in Singapore so coming here is really a chance for me to see them.

Yes, it’s great to go to Malaysia for CNY concerning those things…. but then…

1) My ang pao money is severely reduced when I get back to Singapore

If you get a hundred bucks in Singapore, it’s a hundred bucks. Whereas, in Malaysia, you get a 100 RM but get back to Singapore and it’s around 40 dollars.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying 40 bucks isn’t alot. I’m just saying that when the dude takes my 100 and turn its into a 40, I die a little on the inside.

2) Fear

I guess  in Singapore we really take advantage of these kinda things. At 12 am, I could seriously walk downstairs and buy a slurpee by myself and the only thing that could come close to anyone watching me are the stray cats (though they do look kinda slutty).

Screen shot 2013-02-09 at PM 11.11.34

thats a legit photo taken by a friend kay

I guess its just living such a sheltered life in Singapore, but when I was walking alone to the toilet just now every wall seemed to scream ” RAPIST/HUMAN TRAFFICKER HIDING BEHIND”.

3) I did not bring my CNY holiday homework

I forgot so I’m super screwed.


all those little lights are cars


In spite of all these problems, I’m still pretty much feeling fine in KL. I’ve been unwinding and just doing stuff I haven’t been able to do in Singapore (reading, relaxing, swimming). And since I forgot to bring my lappy, I’m writing on borrowed time on my sister’s. So thanks for reading, gong xi fa cai, hope everyone has a nice Chinese New Year.


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