Preparing For The Malaysian National PSLE?


Chinese New Year in KL has been going fine, having fun and eating lots- I think I’ve gained twenty million kg by now! And I have gotten my nice red hongbao’s, which I intend to use to buy shit from toysrus. Yea, that’s right, me and my eldest sister want a furby/xbox/kinect.

Hmmn… I guess the title is slightly misleading. No,I’m not taking any Malaysian National Exam. Yes, Malaysia has many national exams, similar to the ones we have in Singapore. Same ages and all. There, the PSLE exam you take at 12 is called the UPSR. They also have an O’Level and an A’Level equivalent, but I forgot what their called. AND SO, I’ve discovered a particularly interesting method of “revision” that they offer.

While channel surfing and my popo’s house on their “astro” top box set (equivalent to our Starhub) today, I came across a bunch of channels they offer in a package called “Tutor TV”. It’s obviously some educational TV channels right? YES, and there’s more – THERE IS A CHANNEL SPECIFICALLY GEARED TOWARDS PROGRAMMES THAT PREPARE MALAYSIAN KIDS FOR THEIR FORM OF PSLE (CALLED THE UPSR). No kidding, a TV CHANNEL that helps Malaysian kids study for their National Exam. And,  ITS CALLED THE UPSR CHANNEL. There are two other channels like that but are geared towards prepping older Malaysian students for the Malaysian O’Level/A’Level equivalents.

Don’t believe me? Check out the link on top! Man, the UPSR channel has programmes like UPSR Math that’s basically, well, a tv show that teaches you how to do UPSR syllabus math. Ever heard of Tim And Moby? If you haven’t, heres a video of them (yes, its a robot and a boy) explaining Acids And Bases

The UPSR channel is a million hours of Tim And Moby back to back, for all possible subjects you can take for the UPSE. The advertisment advertises it as “comprehensive revision”. There are programmes like UPSR Sains (science is spelt sains in malay), UPSR Math, UPSR Mandarin and the list goes on.

Well, yes, it sounds very weird! That’s what I thought (“Studying with TV is retarded”) but then, it’s a matter of our conditioning. As kids, we’re told that TV is detrimental to our studies, and TV and studying are two very different things. But who knows? Integration, if done properly, works really well. I mean look at Apple, they combined arts and science! So who knows, this “UPSR channel” may actually be a super effective/innovative form of revision.

Just so you all know, I’m not here to judge. But personally, I prefer sticking to the old fashioned way of studying, which is SITTING DOWN IN A ROOM WITH CUP NOODLES AND REVISE EVERYTHING/ REREAD YOUR TEXTBOOKS/ NUMB YOUR BRAIN WITH PRACTICE QUESTIONS. But as I said earlier, who am I to know if this channel thing is “good” or “bad”. Maybe it does work well for some people and maybe it is a very effective way of revision for them!

But I guess I’m not gonna assume anything about this channel (they said that metal objects couldn’t hover in the air but we have planes now). It’s still an early startup, so there has been no formal research investigation done on the benefits of this UPSR channel. I doubt there will be, but I’ll just have to wait and see,

Anyway, I have a personal bias towards the more traditional forms of revision and studying, but then again, who knows.

Hmmn… I’m just imagining if this method actually works and Singapore adopts it. Get ready for the PSLE channel hosted by MOE!


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