100 Years Of Solitude, Paper Towns and 1 Week Of Fake Holidaying

Hello friends,

As you all know, it is the March Holidays! Yes, the first term break. Its a holiday, so I should be having fun 🙂 !

Imagine me, in the Singapore sun, chilling with friends, having fun all day. It probably SHOULD look like this!








Yes, this entire holiday, we’ve been expected to do work! We’ve got oral histories to do, scripts  to write, online worksheets to do.


Okay whatever, that aside, I’ve managed to do some reading during the March Holidays. Why am I so excited about that? Well, its because I’ve realised that somehow, as you grow older, you take a longer time to read. Not because your speed of reading has decreased, but because there is really less time to read.

For example, when I was P5, school used to end super early. Life was alot less complicated, so there was rarely alot of projects to do. We were also too young to spontaneously go out with our friends, so we usually came home after. I could finish 300-400 page books within two days because there was just so much time. I read Angels & Demons in one sitting (no joke)!

Now however, I bet if I started reading Angels & Demons again I would take 2 weeks to finish it, as long as I read it part by part every night. It’s really sad because there are so many books that I want to read but there’s so little time. This makes me very sad, because I really love reading. My mum told me that it sucks when you realise that you have little time to read anymore. She even went on to say that one of the most valuable things she had to give up when she started working was the time to read 😦 Not as in she absolutely has no time to read, but its just that she has very little, so she reads significantly less than she used to. That’s happening to me now already and it’s really making me sad.

What to do :/ But yea returning to my earlier mention of having time to read, I really used this March Holiday to catch up on stuff. I finished reading my John Green book (Paper Towns) and I managed to finish 100 Years Of Solitude which is a 400-500 page book written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I bought it in February and I only just finished it. Sad, I know.

But anyway, I wanna read more stuff by him. I also have a completely new “To Read” list which I’m not sure how I’ll find the time to “read” through. But oh wells.

Anyway, to all those who have minimal homework and stuff, have a happy holiday :)!

And to those who are sad like me, here’s a really nice and happy song to cheer you up!


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