It’s a sad sad situation (?)


It is 12.02 AM in the morning and I’m sitting down in my living room writing this while I continue living in this world that is apparently taking a downward spiral.

What do I mean by “downward spiral”? I’m talking about the big question which everyone is screaming: WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO?

Yes. Everyone wonders, is the world really degenerating? Are we all becoming more immoral? Are our kids becoming whores and alcohol and drug addicts? Is North Korea going to kill us? Why is music so bad? Why are shows that depict and glorify promiscuous and hedonistic lifestyles so popular (i.e Jersey Shore)? Why is the economy going to shit? In fact, Times magazine named the 2000s as the worst decade ever. And ever is a very very long time.

9/11, Afghanistan, Decline Of The Economy, Supposed Increase In Corrupt Teens. We may have escaped 2012, but is this truly… the end?

I actually think not.

1) Some major points of “chaos” that have happened in our century pale in comparison to some past events

Let me just use an example of the economy. While everyone is complaining about terms like “fiscal cliff” and whatnot (what the hell is that anyway), many people see this as a definite sign of the world turning worse. But then again, we had something far worse back in the 1920s-1930s.

It was called The Great Depression. If it’s bad now, then that must’ve been hell, because people were dying on the streets of hunger. Keep in mind, it was so bad that the effects of it lasted from 1929 till the end of WW2 (1945). I’m too lazy to write down the full reason but for those who are interested here is wikipedia (

I’m not saying that our world isn’t getting worse as an act of “gratitude” that we’re better off than our ancestors. I’m just saying that these things that are happening in our current times are not definite proof that our world is getting “worser” because the events themselves are sometimes less “worse” than what has happened in the recent century.

2) Media has made it possible for every single small slip up to be sensationalised and plastered across front headlines every day

I’m not saying that the current media is a bad thing, but like everything, it’s a double edged sword. Do you know how the media was last time? Newspapers! Some stories took so long to be published that some people actually forgot that the particular event actually happened.

So, if the Titanic sinks and stuff takes so long to get processed, you can’t be worrying about every scandal, nor can you have reporters down every street reporting everything they see. Remember Japan 2011? And Haiti. Everyone was so concerned about the world further going to hell, because everyone thought that the number of natural disasters had magically increased.

Actually this was totally not the case. Do you know that the company that has recorded every earthquake occurrence since the 1900s (the seismic somethingwatchacallit company) has said that there has been no increased “earthquake” activity at all ever since they started the company?

So why are they suddenly more prominent? Yes, the media, which allows most stories to be instantly brought into your homes through your phones, computers and TV’s.

That’s why we think the number of “bad things” happening in this world are increasing. We see more stories of it everyday, but thats just the modern media for you. No, the world has not decided to suddenly start killing its inhabitants to make life more crappy for us.

3) Every generation has its own different problems

Many complain that our generation glorifies immoral behaviour. Many lament at the fact that terrorists are everywhere, and the lack of religion is “astounding”. All those worries and complaints… “There are so many new problems!”

The world is in a continuum. It is never stagnant. Everything evolves. And as nothing in this world is bulletproof, change will always bring new problems. Maybe in the 1930s it was getting food, maybe in the 1940s-1990s it was fear that the USSR was going to nuke the world. There was also a very big communist scare (it’s still going on now but for more reasonable reasons).

What I’m saying, is that every generation has their own problems, and some are very different. Just because something is “different’ doesn’t automatically make it worse.

So what do I think overall? I think, while the current times are certainly worrying and depressing, we are really not much better off than our ancestors.

If you feel better about life now, you can thank me later.



I know this also may not be an awesome argument, and I can see many places for discussion and debate. There are also alot of other things that can be said in favour of this stance, but I’m tired and lazy to continue.

Yes if you’re one who likes to debate go ahead and spam the comments but I’m just kinda lazy to respond to them (don’t take it personally).


One thought on “It’s a sad sad situation (?)

  1. Wonderful entry. Totally agree about the part on media. You know those scandals on teachers, bosses etc. People ask why are teachers so immoral nowadays. I don’t think so. I think that there has always been a case of black sheep existing in our midst. Surely, such immoral people (teachers or lawyers etc) existed in the past too but it’s just that they were not caught due to a lack of evidence or that media coverage was just weak or non-existent then.

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