School has been busy. Very busy. So much homework. So little time (I need to factor in “fun time” and I refuse to sleep past 1 when it comes to work). Oh yea! MYEs are coming up and I still don’t understand physics and math. I will probably do quite badly unless I start studying NOW but the problem is that I DON’T WANT TO!

With all my pent up frustration, I need an outlet. I’ve struck off killing people/hitting people/exercise (imma fatty). So, what must I do to release this frustration?


No okay I’m just joking. I’m actually feeling quite fine, just slightly anxious. It’s just that I’ve rediscovered my liking for heavy metal music. BEFORE YOU WRITE ME OFF AS A SATANIST I want to clarify some doubts as to why heavy metal is NOT THAT BAD.

1) There are MANY subgenres to “metal”. These include thrash metal, death metal, black metal, rap metal (what the shit right), nu metal, glam metal. And contrary to popular belief, metal is not JUST thrashing around on heavily distorted guitars with death screams about killing your parents. This is only ONE subgenre of metal, known as death metal, which I don’t listen to. Actually, metal is just anything that uses heavily distorted guitars and has a heavy bass line. Metal singers aren’t just growling and screaming, some metal singers actually sing normally.

And in case you all think that metal is just howling/screaming/blah blah with crazy guitar solos and whacking the drums at a 160 beats per minute, I need to remind you that the band LINKIN PARK is classified as a metal band. Yes, the people who sang the transformers movie theme is a metal band. SO technically, you’ve listened to a metal band and probably liked it.

2) Metal, as a genre is NOT satanic. Okay yes, many people believe metal songs are written by satan worshippers who aim to convert you into a satan worshipper. That’s actually not the case. Talking about satan and actually worshipping him are different things. Just because a song talks about hell doesn’t mean that its a “satanic” song. There are many, satanic songs out there, I agree, but metal as a genre is not “satanic”.

Oh yes, interesting fact, did you know that there are bands that do something called “Christian Metal”?

Rock on, brothers of christ.

3) Personally, I find some metal bands+ songs pretty good! I mean come on, who doesn’t like to randomly jump to some really really good songs? Plus, some metal bands are amazing technically and their performances are super hyped up and awesome. 

List Of Metal Bands I Find Are Quite Good

Metallica (Classic)
Iron Maiden (Best Metal Band Ever)
Avenged Sevenfold (Some of their songs scare me though)
Black Sabbath (The singers of the Iron Man theme song- Iron Man)
AC/DC (Back In Black!)
KISS (Gene Simmon’s Tongue is really long)
Ozzy Osborne (Okay he’s a bit crazy (he bit off a bat’s head on stage) but his songs are quite nice)

However at the same time, I must agree that some metal bands are crazy. But, every music genre has it’s share of craziness.

List Of Metal Bands That Scare Me

Slayer (the pioneers of the scary metal where people scream and growl, some of their songs are quite good tho)
Megadeath (they are scary)
Cannibal Corpse (yea ikr awesome name right)
Nunslaughter (….no comment)
Mayhem (the singer had impaled sheep heads on his stage during concerts. sorry for messing up your dinner.)
Marilyn Manson (OHMYGOD, some of his songs are quite good though)
Slipknot (if you dare, search up a band picture of them. its like every single horror movie serial killer came to a party.)

Anyway, that was my long rambling on about metal music. I guess I can say personally I enjoy metal music and I feel kind of bad for the genre as everyone just kind of assumes its all shit and about satan. At the same time though, a teacher of mine once said you have to practice self censorship. We should appreciate songs for THE MUSIC and not degrade it just because it has dark subject matter. THAT is obviously open to huge discussion/debate but as always I’m very lazy to develop my point and its just my opinion on the matter anyway.

Since it’s night time, I shall end of my post with a few lines from the metal classic, Enter Sandman by Metallica.

Exit light
Enter night
Take my hand
We’re off to never-never land

Goodnight Everyone!


This is entirely my personal opinion on metal and it is up to you whether you want to go listen to it or not. It’s also up to you if you choose to like metal or not, everyone has their own music preferences. Also, this is obviously not the best argument for metal music that exists, so please try and take what I say with a pinch of salt.

This was also in no way meant to offend anyone who is against metal or anything.

There is a possibility that my comment section could turn into a warzone (slight) by some chance of the universe, but I’ll be very lazy to reply so don’t try.


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