June To Do List


As you all know, the school holidays are arriving!!!!! Yay, I can feel the warm feeling of freedom and the beach and the sun and the friends and the outings…… Okay we do have a ton of projects and next week we have a graded essay but I’m already in a holiday mood so I’m going to flunk them all #yolo #yoyloswag 

Anyway, I have a ton of things to do this June! I hope you’re interested in my life.

1) Become hot! 

Yes I’m a fattie. This can best be summed up in a simple equation.

Too much food + Too little exercise = A Fatass (me in this case) 

Anyway the plan is to go running and stuff because apparently you lose weight running. Oh yes I’m going to go swimming too and hopefully by the time I reach Bali I’ll have a hot surfer body and parade around in a bikini. sexy sexy hot hot! 

(this plan has a 70% chance of failing and me remaining in my fats knowing the success rates of my previous lose weight programmes but its nice to try) 

2) Catch up on my reading 

There are a ton of books I need to finish reading. I’ve finished one (The Unbearable Lightness Of Being) and I’m onto the Joy Luck Club. They’ve been pretty interesting so far and I still have a lot of books on my to read list, so hopefully I’ll be able to finish most of them over the holiday. 

3) Become better at guitar 

Practice lor. 

4) Enjoy Bali

I will write an entire rant and post raving on what I’m going to do in Bali so wait. 

5) Dream about getting a Theremin

I am poor and I have a million other things to learn so I probably can only dream about playing this. 


6) Have fun with my friends 

This is a no-brainer. 

THANK YOU for reading that short frivolous post. Have a nice day. ONE MORE WEEK TO GO



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