Youtube Music Starz

What is a YouTube Music Star?

What is a YouTube Music Star?


Type A: Expensive Home Studio Type 

Music Recording Equipment: Expensive, good quality mics.
Videography: Done very professionally
Weapon Of Choice: These types are rich, so they usually can play alot of instruments. Collaborations with other YouTube “Stars” are frequent so expect more than one instrument to be played.

Kurt Hugo Schneider + Gang (Sam Tsui, Max Schneider) Feat. Occasional YouTube “Star”

Type B: Solo person who can play a musical instrument 

Musical Recording Equipment: Webcam Camera. Some do own vocal or instrumental mics.
Videography: Webcam Quality. Not bad but can be very shit since some use $15 Logitech Cameras that somehow have a greenish tint to them
Weapon Of Choice: Acoustic Guitar

Usually better known for being hot than actually being talented.

Boy/Girl who can play either the Guitar/Piano. Hot 50% Of The Time. Records everything on webcam, sometimes can afford a microphone.


30% Effort, 60% Singing, 10% Editing, 100% Autotune


The Problem With Them

Alright. I’m not saying that ALL of them don’t deserve it. Like the “real” music industry, there are always going to be some artists that don’t deserve it (Type C, mainly). Neither am I saying that all of them are not talented. Some music stars on YouTube are really talented technically and have done a pretty good job of promoting themselves. However, I think the main problem with YouTube stars is that there are just too many. With the advent of cheap technology and the ability to make your home into a mini-recording studio, it’s now pretty easy to upload a good quality music video. But since it’s so easy, what’s stopping others from doing the same?

This leads to the problem of over-saturation. Right now,  the entire YOUTUBE is over saturated. The good thing is, that from over saturation, some really good stars can come out and dominate the scene. The bad news is that the average quality drops.

But this is happening with the real industry right? Yes, but the bigger problem is this lies in the nature of the “YouTube Music” industry. The huge problem is that most of these YouTube Stars do covers. I mean, yes, there are always one or two original songs, but 99.9% of the stuff they upload are covers. This means that they are basically a band that plays gigs at bars, so they’re not making an impression on anyone. And yes, some YouTube artists have made it to the actual music industry (ie Zee Avi) but you know they are no longer “YouTube” stars when their page becomes a VEVO page.

Poor Things.

My Evaluation 

Personally I think they are not as talented as many live artists are so I hate 90% of them. But oh well, the market is so over saturated with videos, so making it big in the YouTube world is going to be hard. They probably also earn alot less from this than live artists do.

Bye bye.





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    • HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH LOL! yea the average quality has really gone done+ whats the point of listening to them if they’re just playing the original song!

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