boy bandz


Of late ive been listening to alot of music. Wait, actually scratch that, I always listen to music (im the type that plugs in earphones and walks around). But recently I’ve been super bored because nothing new has come out that’s worth listening to (i.e Avril Lavigne. HAH). So one day I surfed through the Fong Family 4000+ song iTunes library… And I rediscovered boy bands!

I’m not talking about N’Sync or Backstreet Boys kind 90s boyband. There was one time from the early to the late-mid 2000s where EVERYONE was listening to the new wave of “boy bands”, the kind that could actually play instruments but were less good looking than their 90s counterparts. And I remember listening to those bands when I was really young!

Hmmn and maybe they’re not considered boy bands but im just saying they are because they played pop. But you’ll get what I mean, there’s a certain sound to them that’s no longer popular in this decade. The music wasn’t amazing but the songwriters did know how to build songs well and make very catchy hooks.

Does anyone remember this song?????

Or this????

My primary school jams ❤

P.S if you don’t know either of these songs…. WHERE WERE YOU???!!!!!!

Sigh, I guess I miss Boy Bands (sort of). I miss those poppy over-used chord sequences and the melodies and the catchy hooks…. That’s not very good it actually makes music a retarded child. But sigh, miss them so much 😥

Anyway this was a useless post, I just wanted to share. But, IF YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT, THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE 


Please tell me you know this song from somewhere.


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