This entire post will be a dedication to


(this image i found online is quite shitty but WHATEVER grunge is not supposed to be nice)

Before we start, here is some important info: 

1) Grunge is a “reaction to the mainstream” (actually very ironic considering alot of grunge stars became rich+famous)
(uhhh yea they were what you’d consider a hipster but very different from what a hipster is now)

*informative picture to illustrate this train of thought*

i want that pullover very badly

i want that grey pullover very badly

2) Heavily distorted/overdriven guitars and bass are common

3) the trick is actually in the drums

4) they don’t care if you like them or not

Back to my life now.

So basically, I downloaded an entire Nirvana Best Of Album. You know, the band that did Smells Like Teen Spirit (if you don’t know that song then slap yourself). Honestly, I’ve never really been into that kind of “alternative/garage/grunge” thing but I listened to the entire album from start to end. 

Then I went to search up on these bands and I realised how much I want to live in the nineties. Have you heard of any of the following?

Pearl Jam


youve seen their tshirt at forever 21

Alice In Chains

Stone Temple Pilots


I’m going to go really sappy and ranty right now. LETS GO:

I really want to live in the nineties as a grunge fan okay. All the bands were like so cool and Kurt Cobain was still alive and cool and all the grunge parties look so grunge and cool. IT WAS ALSO THE TIME where MTV actually played music back to back and no reality TV or Kardashians to continually pollute the TV airwaves with shit that I could care less about. This magical era ended when Britney Spears came on the screen with her autotuned voice and hip thrusting and then suddenly… Music turned into a competition of who could become the biggest slut in the world (even though I still love Britney and current music)!

Now, I’m not saying that current music is terrible. I mean, it has changed alot and stuff but okay I guess One Direction is fine. But music nowadays has a total different feel to it, and maybe it’s not as appealing to me.

And no, the XX is not considered “grunge’ or “indie” so please don’t try. (urgh do people actually like them that much i only liked their first album)

Anyway, I will continue listening to my grunge and complain about why I wasn’t born in the late 80s and yadayadayada.

Thanks for listening to my rant



If you are interested, please listen to the following songs

Vasoline- Stone Temple Pilots
Black Hole Sun- Soundgarden
Even Flow – Pearl Jam

Listen to every Nirvana Song

Smells Like Teen Spirit
In Bloom
All Apologies
Where Did You Sleep Last Night
Come As You Are
Heart Shaped Box



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