burning out


its exam period. if you haven’t started studying, I applaud you for not fitting into the standard stereotype of the damn on and kan chiong Singaporean. i mean, who freaking studies now? 

actually me. i have an economics test and im pretty sure im screwed because the test somehow expects us to use the notes they sent us and tackle decontextualised world economic issues (?) when half of us are still trying to wrap our heads around how to use the graphing function on the calculator and the fact NTUC is actually a trade union and not a supermarket (i was mindblown) 


now according to american movies (the outsiders, back to the future, the goonies, karate kid) we’re supposed to be having fun coming-of-age adventures and going to movies but nope none of that is happening. the closest thing to “adventure” im getting is discovering teachers facebooks and finding a pencil in the godforsaken no-stationary-whatsoever land of my house. why is it that i feel like not studying but then i study anyway? URGH. i honestly never used to be like this until now.

i feel that this is tragic because my life is actually comparatively more slack than alot of my friends, who are near burning out at the age of 15. by burning out i mean REALLY BURNING OUT. how sick and wrong is that? at the age of 15 somemore. i dont know why but i have a strong suspicion that shitty timetabling and scheduling have something to do with it. whoops, did i just say that? SORRY LOR DONT MEAN IT. children at 15 are supposed to be getting enough rest. children at 15 are supposed to be receptive to the world. children at 15 should be going out and having fun. children at 15 are not supposed to be crying on average of 2/3 times a week over grades. seriously if this goes on further my class will turn into weed smokers who listen to nirvana and the xx all day because they’re so damn sian. 

i dont want to become like that I FEEL LIKE I AM TURNING INTO THAT but okay thank god im not.

i want to eat midnight makan with my friends after eoys

now for those who are interested, my friend wrote a really touching and inspiring post on how to deal with stress and i agree with most of her techniques.


so yea anyway good luck studying for your exams all the best yadayadayada lol kk i pray for everyone bye bye


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