Its 11am in the morning and I am up writing this post because I really don’t want to study anything. This is probably why I get quite shit marks so please bear with me as I procrastinate.

Speaking of procrastination, I’m starting to reminisce on my younger days. Before I had a phone (I got a proper one after PSLE) or social media (which destroyed my life), I only had my televsion, an old windows PC and books to rely on for entertainment.

Ahhhh the good old days where I was such a model child. I came home immediately after school. When I got back, I’d read for hours on end and I could finish a whole Michael Crichton novel in like 5 hours (average reading time varies now). But more importantly, I spent my entire childhood watching soap operas or drama serials. 

I pretty much got into this habit ever since I was young since my grandma would always come to my house and watch them. There was an entire period of my life where I used to run home from school to watch The Bold And The Beautiful, or, a show that has been running for like 30 years.

ANYWAY, here is a list of some of my favourite childhood dramas.

1) Days Of Our Lives 

WOW okay I can’t believe I used to watch it. It’s a soap opera that is notorious for being the longest running TV series. It started airing in 1965 and is still going on today. It has a total of 47 seasons and aired its 12,000th episode in January this year. WOAH. I forgot what channel it was on but I watched it alot when I was super young when it aired at like, 2:30pm or something like that.

Anyway, I somehow fell out of fashion with it because nothing ever gets resolved and it just drags on and on. It also takes like one million episodes for them to finish a dinner party so obviously it got retarded after a while. But here is the intro!

2) Tofu Street 

Okay, I watched the rerun of this show because it originally aired in the 90s and I wasn’t born yet. It was also made in the time where mediacorp was known as TCS and damn thats OLD.

This is one of series that was made before the age of horrible quality SIngaporean Television. Yes, Singaporean TV actually used to be really nice. Basically, this show is set in the 1950s and is centred around the life of a Chinese immigrant who comes to Amoy Street (also known as tofu street, hence the name) and starts up a beancurd shop.

Anyway, I can’t really remember much about this show since I was like primary one when I watched the rerun. Channel 8 PLEASE show a rerun of this soon. Alternatively, someone uploaded all the episodes on youtube so yes I will be watching them after EOYs

I love the theme song

3) The Bold And The Beautiful 

This is very similar to days of our lives and is half as long but still pretty damn long. Its about a woman named Brooks and when the series started she was like 20 and now shes around like, 60. She may even be dead but Idk about that because I don’t watch the show. I actually hated it initially cause my grandma would always hog the TV to watch it when I WANTED TO WATCH TOM AND JERRY GODDAMNIT.

Actually thinking back, all these shows were freaking trashy.

4) Holland V 

AHHHH i remember this show. I watched this when I was like… 5 or 6! I don’t remember what actually happened but it has something or another to do with a nasi lemak stall in Holland V. It has all the elements of a channel 8 drama (scroll to appendix to see what those are i.e Jeanette Aw) and it was freaking addictive.

I hate this intro but it would be unfair not to put the intro anyway.

5) Ai (爱)

This taiwanese drama is probably also one of the longest draggiest shows ever but I absolutely loved it. Hehs. I remember watching it whenever it aired and I would sing along to the theme song. And even in like the coffee shop, whenever this show comes on, all the uncles and aunties would stop what they were doing and watch it. Wasted childhood. On the other hand, #sendkhymfongforTaiwanMedici

wa mern thie wa mern thie! kam beh tang mai chon tie!!!!! (idk how I should spell hokkien since it has no alphabet so i ripped this off some website)

6) Double Happiness 

I love this show! I watched it in it’s original run when I was like, K2/P1 and I watched the rerun again when I was P6 so I actually remember what happened. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen it somewhere because apparently it just had another rerun? Anyway, it’s about this family that owns a fish and chips store which is really famous. Maybe memory is subjective but I loved this show so much and is one of the channel 8 dramas that DOES NOT HAVE JEANETTE AW IN IT. It also was split up into 2 seasons and altogether had around 100+ episodes.

It was THE 7 O’CLOCK SHOW (scroll down to appendix as well)

Anyway, I was so sad when it ended because I loved watching the show so much but damn it felt good when the evil bitch ex-mistress woman got what she deserved HAHS.

7) Tayong Dalawa

The theme song of this Filippino Drama is probably the only Filippino song I can sing. This was one of the more recent dramas that I was addicted to and it had around like 89 1-hour episodes. I just did some research and apparently it’s originally meant to be half and hour episodes ?!!!! I would’ve died of suspense by the end of it.

The story is about two brothers who are birthed by different brothers but had the same dad who was in the military or something like that. They both grew up in different households. Dave was rich and JR was poor. The points of contention are their different mothers, JR’s mum being really nice and Dave’s mum being a complete bitch. There’s also the main character Audrey who they both fall in love with. So yea, this series was really really touching and I cried a shitload at the ending because it was so sad. Yes, I CRIED BUCKETS. I’m not gonna spoil it for anyone who hasn’t watched it but if you really are curious please read number 4 of the appendix below.

And omgI loved the English Dubbing cracks me up every time.

As I’ve said, this theme is the only Filippino song I can sing

8) The Little Nyonya 


This was, the 7 o’clock show. I used to watch it faithfully every day when I was 10/11 and yes Jeanette Aw was in it but she was pretty good! It has pretty much all the “famous” names and it was really nice that my grandma bought the box set for us (?!) which I still have btw. And yes, I cried so much at many points of this drama serial. I like this series so much because its such a true representation of the baba culture and Singapore in general. I mean like, okay ya Nyonyas didn’t all speak Mandarin daily but still the essence of the culture is there.

The ending also made me cry (see appendix for spoilers). I love the theme song too.

Anyway, I’ve watched alot more dramas than these but that will be another time I guess. Sadly, I don’t really watch drama series or soap operas or TV in general because I don’t really like TV that much anymore (I watch discovery channel when I do). Really love all these serials and I hope someone at Mediacorp one day scratches their head and is like “why don’t we do what we used to do and make good drama serials again?”. I do miss watching the 7 o’clock or the 9 o’clock shows and I hope we get another like Tofu Street or Little Nyonya sometime soon.

Good luck for EOYs everybody.



1. Channel 8 Drama Elements
Someone gets married
– Someone gets divorced
– Someone goes bankrupt
– Someone gets kidnapped
– Sometimes, someone goes crazy
– Jeanette Aw is in it, somewhere.

2. I saw this on twitter before.

“A show, no matter how good or bad it is on Channel 8 will always be known as either the 7 o’clock show or the 9 o’clock show”

True and wise words.

3. Links To Shows

Aiya damn lazy go find yourself.








audrey+JR finally get married so hooray right? but no, she dies and the ending sequence is so freaking sad audrey didn’t deserve to die okay wtf bitches


yueniang survives the fire but lies to chen xi that she died so she could marry this ang mo dude and so chen xi would not risk his life pursuing her. and the nice sister Yuzhu who was forced into marriage by Robert Zhang cause he raped her WENT CRAZY AND DIED (?) the shit man the shit.





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