Update on my life

Hi friends, 


Nobody wants to hear this and I’m being very self absorbed and superficial and this entire post will be dedicated to me so if you’re not interested in my life then too bad. 

Okay so lets start, the exam was what I expected and I’m prepared for any results that come my way because 1) i didnt study that much 2) i’m year 3 no one gives a damn 3) okay i did study but i think i probably deserve whatever marks I get.

Literature was pretty easy= what I expected. I mean like, if you COMPLETELY didn’t expect that it was going to be Mark Antony’s speech then tops to you for not thinking properly. IHSS was okay I guess, population pyramids are fun but I’m still sticking to my interests and choosing economics. I can’t say much about Chinese knowing my ability level (which is somewhere between shitty and godawful). It’s a subject in which I actually go into the exam hall knowing that there’s a 60% chance I may fail if I don’t concentrate properly (the number may be higher).

Physics was actually quite easy, but Physics is the freaking loser nerd of science and gay so NO WAY IN HELL am I taking double science next year. And no I’m not sorry and no, I don’t regret not paying attention at all this year during physics class. I think I’ve probably sang 20 entire musicals during physics class since I was so goddamn bored. I think splitting up the math papers were retarded but they were okay except that I messed up paper 2 and there is a 40% chance I may fail but oh well I was never born to be a science child and my entire family sucks at math. I also forgot how to calculate standard deviation (lol im a freaking genius right) so I faked my standard deviation. 

Chemistry was actually quite fun I thought it was quite easy. Yep okay not saying I’m the godmother of chemistry or that I’m amazing or anything but I think that it’s something I’m actually quite interested in (surprise surprise), so I wanna continue learning more about it. I’m actually a closet geek (i ❤ star trek/star wars/lord of the rings/history/the ocean/space/magical realism) so I’m dying to learn organic chemistry

I’m not joking.

Last chinese paper was okay as I said earlier my chinese grades are like a woman on PMS so don’t expect anything. 

SO after the exam I was really really really happy because I can have fun with impunity and not be secretly judged by my ultra asian mom (she liberalised herself to try and fit in with her kids so props to her) (she made me play piano every day and scolded me when i hit the wrong notes is that not asian enough). I went out and planned some future dates for my life. 

AND I FINALLY WENT OUT TO MAKAN with my O3 friends THIS IS A BREAKTHROUGH because I love eating with friends and its the first time they’ve actually went out with me :’)  (I’m desperate for friends). It was in geylang (hehs) but it was still really nice just sitting down and eating zi char. 

Anyway, I went to work today and I’m ultra happy because I got a pay raise. 

And I’m pretty packed next week because I have jam sessions, eating tian tian chicken rice, playing rock band with jokhymshi, possibly going to haji lane to makan murtabak, taiwan shopping….

Oh yes speaking of taiwan. I’m quite happy that I got in and I’m quite excited to be going as well because I’ve never been to taiwan. The culture interests me because they’ve had such a turbulent history and its kind of a weird mix between Japanese influences/nationalist movements by KMT/ china culture/ anti china culture/ hokkieness (?)/ western-is. So I’m pretty interested to see how it all plays out. 

I hear that it has amazing oyster omlette so I’m clearly going to eat it.

AND we’re going to be staying on a mountain!!!! Not a gay hill or a pile of rocks but a REAL ASS MOUNTAIN!!!!!!!!! The last time I went on one was last year during OGL in Malaysia actually but that doesn’t count cause we spent more time walking up at 4am in the morning as compared to actually staying there. The REAL last time I stayed on a mountain was when I was 6 and we went to Mount Ophir or Gunung Ledang and the campsite was seriously haunted and a woman apparently got possessed in the next campsite and a bomoh had to  come to exorcise her IM NOT MAKING THIS UP. Okay so back to the point, I’m also excited because apparently it will be fall and like, a nice temperature of 17 degrees. AHHHHH. 

Hahas okay thats the end of my super long self absorbed post on my life so far. I’m very excited tomorrow because my grandma is cooking nasi lemak in her house. 



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