Anonymous on Hacking Singapore


If you’ve had internet for the past week, or read the news, you all should now know that a man who claims to be from the group Anonymous is trying to hack Singapore in order for the government to lessen the censorship laws.

Now, one thing. Everyone had to STOP talking about how “incompetent” the Singapore Government has been because the “incompetency” of the PAP is not what Anonymous is fighting for. Anonymous is, however, fighting for the right for Singaporeans to have “free speech” so any arguments about the incompetency of the Singapore government (“TOO MANY IMMIGRANTS”) is irrelevant and not applicable to this entire issue. I went to one of the articles and people were arguing about bubblegum, which I find freaking retarded as f***. So please, nothing about the competency of the PAP.

I also want to state that I don’t think this guy is that closely affiliated with the main core of Anonymous and is most likely a Singaporean using the name of Anonymous. While I know that anyone can technically call themselves part of “Anonymous”, this guy doesn’t seem to be in the rings of Anonymous ( actually know the core teams of Anonymous ).

Why? This entire video, and the tone he/she uses is not similar to other Anonymous videos. His/her actions don’t reflect Anonymous ethos. I mean, this guy calls himself “The Messiah”. The assigning of such a rank of “Messiah” is pretty imperialistic and commanding, two things that Anonymous do not stand for. Furthermore, many of the main cables or areas where Anonymous usually converges have not spoken or made mention of this entire Singapore issue. Yes, I know that there’s no “main website” for Anonymous, but there are still main channels like AnonPress. I find it strange that such an issue as big as ours (this person threatened to hack the SINGAPORE GOVERNMENT) is not mentioned.

Anyway, Anonymous or not, this guy still poses a threat to our Singaporean government and country as a whole. It is foolish to assume that any action made by this dude is only going to affect the top tier of the government and not leak down to the people. And honestly

I do not agree with this guy at all. 

Let me clarify myself, I don’t care about what he’s fighting for. He/she could be fighting for the legalisation of bubble gum/ legalising gay marriage/ imposing the sterilisation of cats, I don’t care. As a matter of fact, I’m actually a believer in freedom of speech. Yes yes yes “what about the societal harmony” and whatnot. I would address those concerns but as I said earlier my issue with this dude is not the message itself but the method.

Which leads me to my two semi-rants

1) We should never advocate/promote/encourage/trust “Vigilante Justice”

In two words, this guy is carrying out “Vigilante Justice”, which makes him like Batman. For those who don’t know, vigilante justice has neither a positive nor negative connotation. It just means that someone who is not working for the official rule of law going out and doing actions which he thinks are “justifiable”. This also kind of means that he/she will break the law to do such actions. Famous pop culture examples of vigilante justice would be 1) every superhero ever created 2) robin hood 3) Dexter etc. The problem with the idea of vigilante justice, which is what I find most problematic about this entire issue, lies in the fact that we should never trust one person to take authority, especially someone like a vigilante who proves to be unpredictable.

And in this anonymous issue, who the hell is this guy/girl. I mean, I don’t doubt that this person actually cares about the issue of censorship in Singapore but can you tell me with 100% confidence that there might be a chance that this guy would not cause any danger to Singapore? Many cases of online pedos and Nigerian Princes in the news have shown us time and time again how easy it is to trick people on the internet. And the Anonymous dude said it himself/herself on the video that their actions will cause harm to Singapore economically etc. You can watch the video as proof. Does that not sound the slightest bit scary? Oh yes, the Messiah has even managed to hack into sites like the Ministry Of Health, which holds millions of CLASSIFIED information on Singaporeans. This dude knows EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU. Anyone who claims that this has no chance of being dangerous at all, or this entire issue going the wrong way is crazy or not a Singaporean.

And it honestly doesn’t seem implausible that this guy might do that. I mean look at his actions, hacking into the Singapore government is pretty damn crazy in itself. Someone please tell me that this entire thing doesn’t sound dangerous at all.

2) I don’t want Anonymous to speak for Singapore. 

Okay guys, come on. Do you really want a keyboard warrior, or a dude who may be Mas Selamat’s friend deciding Singapore’s affairs for YOU? This is what makes me pissed off, because who is this Anonymous dude to speak for the Singaporean society? Don’t assume that everyone wants freedom of speech, and then singlehandedly make yourself the representative for the “Singaporeans”. And to the recent article on the The Real Citizen, please do not refer to the supporters of this anonymous dude as “Singaporeans” because not everyone agrees.

While I do acknowledge that he/she is extremely brave for doing this, and is at least taking some action to do something about what they believe in (however far removed), people who make change are brave enough to come out and do it. And even though Singapore is restrictive, it is stupid to assume that they kill/imprison political dissidents. There have been hundreds of sites that are AGAINST the PAP and what they stand for. The Real Citizen, The Temasek Times etc. have all existed before this issue, and they have all made big statements against the Singaporean government. During the General Election in 2011, one of the parties on the television actually said ” the PAP has ignored your cries” and nothing had happened to him. And what about the White Paper protest and the influx of social media activism? And Free My Internet was a huge thing as well!

I’m not saying that we are extremely free in Singapore, but I do believe that you can speak out for issues like this and not be killed or thrown in jail. And I do believe that yes, most Singaporeans nowadays will speak out if they are not happy with the government. I mean come on, we finally booted out the PAP from Aljunied in 2011 and put in the Workers Party, what do you MEAN when you say Singaporeans can’t do anything about their state of affairs? We have also managed to elect a ton of Workers Party representatives into parliament ever since.

So, knowing all of this (tracing back to my main point), how can we let an anonymous dude like this speak on behalf of the Singaporeans? I don’t need statistics to tell you that a majority of Singaporeans are fine with censorship. And coming from a person like me who is against censorship, this dude still really pisses me off, because he/she is trying to impose a set of beliefs onto using threats and not proper reasons as to why we should agree with his views. 

You make change by convincing the people, and it is in the power of the people to make the change, because thank god for the concept of universal suffrage. Workers Party did not win Aljunied and other SMC’s by threatening the PAP. Nelson Mandela did not win Africa by threatening White Afrikaners. If you want to make change, come out and do it properly. If no one agrees and nothing happens, then its obvious that your interests are misaligned with what the people really want. If you want to make change, do it by winning the people who make up a country: the citizens. Because no government in this world can withstand the power of its own citizens, because the citizens are the ones who run the gears of the country.

And if you’re a Singaporean supporting what Anonymous stands for, then good for you. We should have a freedom to believe in what we want to believe (this obviously has some parameters but I’m not gonna go into that because thats a different argument entirely). I know I can’t deny what this Anonymous guy is saying about censorship in Singapore has some truth to it. But if you really want to make the change, don’t put your faith into this Anonymous dude and his actions. You’re a citizen for a reason, you have the power to vote. And if you dislike what PAP is doing, then vote out them out in the next election. I believe that we all can promote the right to freedom of speech in Singapore, or any cause we believe in through other methods, not hacking into websites and sending direct offensives. We are the Singaporeans and we are the shakers of this country.

Okay back from all that get high emotional talk. I will summarise by saying this: I believe in freedom of speech, but the message here is not important. What is important, and what I hate about this anonymous person, is the way that this person is trying to take away the power of choice from the Singaporeans by imposing his/her views on us, and I distrust this person, because we never know what he/she may do.

okay im done


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