the fountainhead


basically you can not read this if you want to. because its full of my personal opinions. im not even gonna bother structuring it properly as a good blog review post thingy so dont expect too much.

anyway, i used the 30 dollar kino voucher i got from a school competition thingy to buy a boxset of ayn rand novels. if youve heard of her, good, shes super prominent in 20th century literature. and she also created a philosophy called “objectivism” so her books are kind of a way to “preach” her philosophy. so, the boxset i got contained two of her most famous novels “The Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged”. Everyone says “Atlast Shrugged” was her magnum opus but everyone said start with “the fountainhead” first, so i started with that.

im actually super proud that i finished a 695 page novel in four days (trying not to boast) (ive had alot of time anyway). i actually found it pretty good as a book itself, its characters were pretty well thought out and there was a good story structure. which is why it shouldve STAYED as a book instead of her preaching her philosophy. if you dont know, her philosophy promotes individualism and communism, in a weird way (not gonna try to explain it its quite complicated i took some time to finally get it) and denounces collectivism and all that stuff cause apparently she hates communists and socialists. SO YEA, i got super irritated at her long writings about their retarded philosophies, and it wouldve been better if the editor just cut that shit out of the book. the story couldve been told in 300/400 pages.

having said that however, writing a book wasnt really her “goal” as much as “promoting her philosophy” so i understand why she did it. so yea, overall i liked the book, and her as a writer. AS A WRITER, not as a philosopher because her entire philosophy, to me, is super egoistical, freaking arrogant and totally ignores the idea that people need to learn how to adapt and work together. id actually label her a fascist and a super capitalist if it weren’t for the fact that she is a pretty good writer.

Oh, i ordered a ton of books and alot of them arrived already. looking forward to reading perfume, my japanese shit and HP Lovecraft. i will attempt reading Atlas Shrugged maybe like, next year, or when I feel that its time to undertake such massive writing. by massive, i mean, the book is 1000 pages long with small font massive. i hope it wont be dissappointing.


4 thoughts on “the fountainhead

  1. fun fact about ayn rand: she had an affair w a 25 year old guy when she was like super old and he changed his name for her and shit even though he was married to someone else

      • personal happiness—-> telling her followers the negative effects of smoking are bullshit then getting lung cancer and quitting smoking but refusing to tell her followers they should also stop smoking

      • as i said, i’d call her an asshole/fascist/egoist/hypocrite IF HER WRITING WASNT GOOD 😦 sadly she is a good writer but a bad thinker

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