Horrible vampire dream

Hi everyone

I’m writing this down because this dream was very very crazy and wacky but somehow had some “noir” ish beauty to it?!! Whatever I was so scared in this dream so I’m just gonna write everything down before I forget it.

And despite anything, the violence in this dream was super un-graphic there was literally no blood or people in pain.

Basically, we were all vampires in this dream and we were all playing some twisted hunger games shit in it. The thing is, that you could opt out of the game if you wanted too (I tried to get everyone to opt out with me BUT NO ONE WANTED TO). Note: all of my friends were in this dream like seriously nearly everyone who I was close to. And it took place in a village that was within some humongous building (the village was the building) that looks similar to my school.

I remember being sorted by our hair colours into different groups (?) and I was grouped with Farah (weird). And then Joho and Shirin and Natasha Koh were like in one group?!! And they all had a plan to hide from the vampires by going to some vantage point or something like that.

So the games started and everyone was sitting down in group circles “planning” using paper and mind maps. Honestly i don’t get why everyone didn’t just start killing each other there and that but what to do this was a dream.

But alas,my alliance with Farah Jacqueline Rozario was broken (idk we just kinda walked off) and I had to find a place to hide so I walked into a classroom where a class was taking place and my primary school friend Athishtha was the teacher. I hid under the table but Jayne (an old version of her) who was a student told me that this is a favourite spot for the vampires cause all the kids would be studying AND THE VAMPIRES WOULD COME IN AND KILL EVERYONE. Looking back I have no idea why the hell she would spare me because I was supposed to be a vampire too?!!! Whatever.

Anyway there was this scene in my head that was the most screwed up regarded scene ever. Basically me and Joho were walking and we suddenly saw two vampire sluts (don’t ask). It wasn’t implicitly said that they were prostitutes but me and Joho killed one of them anyway?!! I held her down and dislocated her neck and Joho DRANK HER BLOOD. Looking back again it doesn’t make sense because she could still talk while her neck was dislocated and all I did was push it to the side like with damn little force. Idk. So basically yes we killed the vampire slut while her friend looked on and warned us like “she’s not dead” or something like that. Anyway we bolted out of the door (this took place in some part
Of the building) and we went to hide in a Giant Supermarket. And yes, by “giant” I meant the Giant Supermarket store.

Anyway a lot of other stuff happened and I remember that I hid in a cupboard and I was so damn scared.

Thank god I woke up !!!!!

I think I get this from watching Mr Vampire (the 80s Hong Kong movie) last week and watching the trailer for Rigor Mortis (which I really wanna watch) so yea.



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