Okay basically satanism has been brought to my recent attention because Satanists in america are fighting to erect the world’s first “satanic” monument outside the Oklahoma Capitol Building. This sudden attempt by the Satanists was brought about when Christians erected a religious monument of the Ten Commandments outside the Capitol Building.

Information is here:

Now, I totally agree that the Satanists should be allowed to erect their monument. Why? You can’t just give allow the Christians to preach about their message in the public and not allow any other religion to do so. America is a secular nation. You can choose whatever religion you want and no one religion is held in higher regard than the others.

I don’t believe they should’ve even allowed the erection of the Christian Monument at the capitol building in the first place because the Capitol Building is a symbol of the Government and no “religious” symbols should be attached to the notion of “governance”. A public park, maybe, but no government buildings.

Anyway, I was interested in this topic of satanists so I searched it up to find if there were any local organisations with info. I found out that there are two branches of Satanism, Atheistic and Theistic. Atheistic Satanists believe that god and satan both don’t exist and satan is just a representation of all our inner human desires that are usually looked on by Christians as the “Seven Deadly Sins”. Christianity shuns these values but Atheistic Satanists believe that its not wrong to bend towards these pleasures as long as you don’t harm anyone.

Theistic Satanists however, are the ones that actually pray to Satan and believe that “he” is almighty and better than the true Christian God. They are the ones who do the “masses” and “witchcraft” which I find somewhat ridiculous but you know what it’s their religion let them do what they want.

Forget all you’ve heard about Satanists being bad. Like, you pray to Satan, so what? As long as you’re not killing cats for black masses I think it’s perfectly fine. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, or trying to kill a Christian, it’s perfectly fine as well. And no, Theistic Satanists don’t necessarily do all these either, most of these people you hear about are the crazies (which every religion has its fair share of).

Thankfully, Singapore is a secular nation and allows these people to do what they want concerning their religious preferences. And thank god we don’t have as much of those scary religious fundamentalists who believe that Evolution was a lie and that Earth was created 2000 years ago.

Idk why I even wrote this guess I’m just super grateful that we live in a somewhat religiously tolerant society.


4 thoughts on “satanism

  1. I am grateful that we are in a more secular country but I feel religion does has a big impact on our government. A majority of our ministers are conservative and religious and when they were talking about getting rid of 377a, they talked to religious leaders, which is ridiculous.

    • That’s why I said “somewhat tolerant”. I mean at least they’ve set down that you can’t prevent people from believing in what they want to believe! But okay fair enough a lot of our policy makers are very religious which worries me a lot (not suggesting anything here)

      Okay if they ONLY consulted the religious leaders (which I don’t think they did) then that would be completely wrong because you’re making the religion the authority. But I can see why they’d need the “opinion” of the religious leaders.

      • Yeah I see why they needed their opinions… It’s just that I feel with this thing it shouldn’t be about opinions because it’s human rights. ANYWAY that’s a whole other discussion 😛

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